second_hand_green_transThis blog is dedicated to all of the entreprenuers who are living their dreams by starting their own businesses as well as looking out for the environment. There are so many news stories about businesses polluting the environment, abusing their workers and the communities in which these businesses reside.  is a community that encourages the selling of antiques, crafts, refurbished, repurposed and second-hand items to limit stress on our capacity filled landfills while providing a business community incubator for new and experienced businesses to receive and share information regarding starting and maintaining their own businesses. aims to take notice / take action by reducing our carbon footprint and increasing our greenhandprint across the globe by empowering others with increased knowledge and opportunity.

S. L. Morgan, CEO


4 thoughts on “Secondhandgreen

  1. ginaM says:

    Wow, I just came across your blog and find it so interesting…great idea! looking forward for more!

  2. Anis says:

    Sounds like a very lucrative buisness to get into, I think you’re on to something big here!! Keep me informed as I am interested in learning more about SECONDHANDGREEN………….:)

    • setimorgan says:

      Thank-you Anis! We will be launching the storefront soon and will definitely keep you informed. Your support is very appreciated. The first one hundred members to sign up on the storfront site will receive 3 months free during their second year on the storefront site as well as invites to special events. We are very interested in providing as much support for new businesses as we can and hopefully build a community where we all attend each others events and cheer each other on as we reach our goals. Thanks again for your support! Make sure you push the follow button so that you will receive updates automatically. There will be a new posting soon!

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