First of all, I would like to welcome you and to say congratulations on your decision to be part of this business network. This will be a monthly (sometimes bi-monthly) blog. I will do all that I can to keep you informed on business solutions and ideas that will inspire you and encourage you to open a storefront on the  site, as well as to launch other types of businesses and network with others who will inspire you.

Environmental Impact Movies

If you are like me, you have always dreamed of owning your own business. You may work outside of the home, inside the home or both, but you seek independence that mostly comes when you are your own boss. You may have a wonderful supervisor, you may be a wonderful supervisor, but you want a better quality of life with an improved work life balance. You not only want to improve your income, but you would like to be implemental in helping your world community by assisting with reducing our reliance on more and more “things” which further depletes our natural resources.

If you have not already done so, there are a few movies you should watch to give you a better insight on our consumption habits. Watch “The Story of Stuff”, a twenty- minute movie that documents the connections between environmental / social issues. Go to  to watch this movie as well as “The Story of Broke” and “The Story of Electronics” as well as other short movies by Annie Leonard and Free Range Studios. *(I would like to thank Jennifer for this movie recommendation!)

Another movie that may interest you is “Garbage! The Revolution Starts At Home”, a film by Andrew Nisker. You can find it on Netflix and free online. It is a movie about a family that makes an assessment of the garbage situation as well as their own garbage habits after keeping everything that they would have thrown into the landfill for three months. You can also find other free documentaries on the environment on The Green Group website at

Educational Tidbits

Did you know that through OpenCourseWare, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) offers free courses online at . They accept donations and  corporate sponsors, but there are no fees required. These are the actual classes taught at MIT! Most of these courses include class notes, video and outlines – all to help you succeed.  At this time there are 2,150 courses and growing. The most visited courses on the site are the math and computer science courses. There are business courses as well. There are courses on many subjects. Don’t forget to take a look. You can go through the courses at your own speed.

Also, check out Udacity at  which was launched by Sebastian Thrun and his team. Sebastian Thrun launched the driverless car and is on Popular Science’s list of the brilliant 10 and Fortune’s Magazine 2010 list of the Smartest People in Technology. The courses are divided into units / the units are divided into micro-lectures which are approximately 4 minutes in duration. I have taken some of the classes and love them. Look up MOOC (massive open online courses) and you will find additional free online courses that may appeal to you. Lastly, but not least go to to find out information on the new online about the Master of Science in Computer Science Degree with a tuition cost of $7,000. This is being brought about by the collaboration of the Georgia Institute of Technology, Udacity and AT/T. They will begin accepting applications for the Fall 2014 semester. I just think this is incredible and would like to thank them for their tenacity and empowering us to succeed!